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CCTP Delegation from Beijing Arrived to Recruit More Students

Upon their arrival on October 25, 2016, a symposium was held to discuss the possibility to recruit more student to the practice base at Central Compilation and Translation Press (CCTP).

Attending the symposium are Dong Wei, President assistant of CCTP, Ji Ke, General manager of Central Compilation & Translation Service Co., Ltd. (CCTS), Yin Chengdong, former  president and editor-in-chief of CCTP, Cong Mingcai, DUFL Dean of Academic Affairs, Wang Ke,  Director of Innovation and Enterprise Education Center, Liu Zhi, Director of Translation & Consulting Co., Ltd. Many interested teachers and students were present.

Professor Cong said at the symposium that DUFL has always attached great importance to students’ field training to meet the demands for high-level professionals. He hoped the joint program between CCTP and DUFL would be further expanded so that more students would have opportunities to learn from the experienced translators before starting their own jobs .

Dong Wei and Ji Ke briefed the audience on CCTP and CCTS and outlined the interns’ work in the training base. They highly appreciated DUFL students for their good language skills and comprehensive qualities and performances. They also advised that DUFL interns take full advantages of Beijing’s abundant resources to improve themselves through practice. Teachers at the symposium exchanged ideas with the experts, hoping that CCTP would provide more opportunities for both students and young teachers.

Up to now, more than 100 DUFL students from various language majors have worked at the training base. Their experiences have greatly broadened their academic horizons and improved their translation skills.