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DUFL Educational Development Foundation Inaugurated

    The inauguration ceremony of the DUFL Educational Development Foundation (EDF) of Liaoning Province was held in Room 601, Chengzhi Building on Nov. 5th, 2016. Nearly 100 people including university leaders, alumni from Dalian and directors of departments, attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Vice President Wang Weichen.


     Liaoning Province DUFLEDF is a non-public foundation, receiving funds from individuals and organizations for the purpose of financially supporting DUFL. Opening the meeting, Vice President Yang Junfeng explained that the Educational Department of Liaoning Province approved the founding of DUFLEDF. The names of the founders of Foundation Council and Board of Supervisors DUFLEDF included Mr. Jin Chuanyi who was named President of the DUFLEDF Council, Liu Liguo Vice President, and Ren Decheng Secretary.  


    General Accountant and President of the Council Jin Chuanyi accepted the donations from alumni Tao Sen, Chen Xuan, Wang Yunya, and Han Chao, and issued certificates to recognize their support and financial contributions.


     Alumni representative Madame Chen Xuan, Grade 89 German graduate, in her remarks expressed her hope that their donation would encourage students to study hard and help students in financial need to finish their schooling.


    Foundation President Jin Chuanyi in his remarks promised that the foundation will diligently adhere to all the government and university regulations, with plans to receive additional donations which will contribute to the educational mission of DUFL.


     On behalf of DUFL, Vice Secretary of Party Committee Li Baozhang in his speech highly thanked the support of alumni. He also raised three wishes: first, the foundation will fully understand its mission and push the work of talent cultivation. Second, the foundation will strengthen management and supervision. Third, the foundation will enhance innovation awareness. DUFL will try its best to support the work of foundation and make it develop properly and healthily.


     Party Secretary Liu Ximing and DUFL President Liu Hong, who were on business, sent congratulatory letters. All the representatives and participants, at the end of the meeting, took a group photo to mark the occasion.