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President Liu Meetting with BCA Delegation

President Liu Hong met with BCA delegation on November 29, 2016. DUFL’s connection with BCA goes back to the 1990s. BCA Study Abroad now facilitates opportunities for growth in intercultural understanding and global awareness through educational programs that foster scholarship, community engagement and guided reflective learning. The delegation, headed by Julie Larison, Executive Director of BAC Study Abroad, came on the basis of further exchange of both teachers and students. Also present at the meeting were heads of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, School of English Studies, School of International Business and School of Chinese Studies.


President Liu extended a warm welcome and sincere gratitude for their support and assistance of the mutual exchange and cooperation for the past decades. She said that this year marked the 30th anniversary since the beginning of exchange and cooperation with BCA. On the basis of mutual trust and close collaboration, there are fruitful achievements in programs of students’ exchange and teachers’ communication. During the meeting, they conducted in-depth discussions to promote further exchange and cooperation as well as academic and research collaboration.


President Liu stressed that DUFL will continue to promote the construction of international projects and strengthen the collaboration and internationalization among teachers and experts in the next five years. Meanwhile, through the exchange and cooperation between the two institutions and China Scholarship Council and other exchange channels, it will keep promoting more academic exchange and scientific research cooperation with BCA and will actively broaden channels for student exchanges and continuously diversify the internationalized education programs. DUFL will also welcome more students from BCA and provide a greater selection of professional courses and field trips. During the meeting,


President Liu issued her invitation to Julie Larison for the next annual International Exchange Week at DUFL. “BCA Day” will be part of the event.
Julie Larison expressed her gratitude for the hospitality and her cooperative wishes. She said she will plan to send more students to DUFL in the coming year.


Both sides agreed on the new short-term customized programs “Chinese +Trade” for American students.
During the visit, the delegation also met with the faculty and students from the School of English Studies and delivered a lecture entitled “President Trump of the United States.”